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Online Booking

Start taking bookings around the clock to suit today’s connected customer
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Online booking systems have transformed industries worldwide

The internet is now an integral part of everyone’s life. Today you can easily book a taxi, hotel room, flight, food delivery and more, from a mobile phone, and in minutes. This shift hasn’t yet been fully embraced by the Automotive sector. Understanding today’s consumer and what they need, and then satisfying those needs is vital in prospering in the digital age…

Understand today’s driver

I don’t really care who you are
I don’t really care about your company
I don’t really care about your products

What I do care about is me!

I want you to understand me
I want you to predict what I need before I need it
I want you to deliver a great online and offline experience
I expect nothing less

Your customers are online and mobile


70% of car drivers are researching servicing on their mobile phones while at home

Google survey, 2013


Consumer mobile searches outnumbered PC searches by more than 27.8 billion in 2016

Google survey, 2013


63% of drivers use their mobile several times a month for customer service, updates or sales support

Google survey, 2013


73% of car drivers start their repair journey online and then go on to book on or offline

Google survey, 2013

BayConnect online booking features

Simple booking process

Your customers can book an available repair slot with ease at any time of day, on their phone or computer.

Customised to your garage

Your booking pages can be personalised with your logo, location map and services you offer.

Upsell effortlessly

With Add-on’s you can put relevant products & services in front of your customer when they book

Give your customers a better booking experience

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