Give every one of your customers the personal, convenient and mobile experience they expect.
Getting online and being more convenient for consumers is a huge opportunity for independent garages everywhere…

Your customers


think small companies place a bigger emphasis on customer service than larger businesses


are willing to spend more with companies providing excellent customer service


have hung up the phone out of frustration and not getting through to someone

Yet the pizza ordering public get a very different experience when booking their car in for a repair.

Customers are connected. Cars are connected.
But garages aren’t.

Garages running paper-based systems, with poor customer service and patchy customer communications are legendary in the industry.

The gap between garages and today’s always-online, convenience-driven customer is growing wider every year.

of adults everywhere are online
Facebook, Amazon & Google users are not tech-savvy
It’s a fact that your service customer will want to contact you outside of your working hours. They want the ability to carry out everyday tasks when they want, not when you want.

The 24/7 Garage


are researching servicing and parts on their mobile phones while at home


are starting their repair journey online and going on to book on or offline


are booking repairs within one week of research

2013 Google Survey

Introducing CustomerLounge

A customer engagement platform designed to help you and your customers communicate on any device, upsell effortlessly and optimise your service advisor’s day.

CustomerLounge allows you to deliver the experience car drivers have come to expect in other areas of their daily lives.

CustomerLounge helps garages

Be transparent

Keep customers in the loop with progress status and conversations in their personal online portal.

Communicate quickly

Convenient contact methods via chat, text message and email that work on customer’s phones.

Sell more

Your products, presented at all times for your customer to buy without any pressure.

Keep your customers happier today

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